Sunday, June 19, 2005


We've had a crazy week, and in honor of the Jeopardy category, I'll try to quickly run the gammet of things that have been shaking up in Columbus, OH.

* The Indians won their ninth in a row today, so watch out, they're on a roll and right back in the thick of things. We're going to the Reds/Indians game in Cleveland next Sat. with church. It'll be Clark's second trip to the Jake.

* Our best friend from Paris, France came in for a three week visit on Tuesday night. We went with some of the teens to pick her up. She brought back lots of good stuff for Clark. She'll be visiting several of her friends here in Columbus, and will be staying a good part with us.

* Clark was sick this week and, apparently, was inhabited by a demon because that was not our child. Today is Sunday, and he is finally getting better. He had a bad cold, and of course, the day after we take him to the doctor's office, he begins getting better . . . funny how that always happens.

* I had an interesting experience helping out somebody at church this week by babysitting his three young daughters . . . yeah me and a one, three, and four-year-old girl, that was exciting. I did the best I could.

* My brother is hanging out in Istanbul, Turkey right now.

* This morning our preacher, David Estes, announced him and his family would be leaving the Creek in the near future. They haven't found a job yet, but they are looking. He has an interview in Tullahoma in a couple weeks, and it would be great if that works out for them.

* We're off in the morning to Impact at
Lipscomb University. It's a weeklong camp for senior high students. I never went while I was at Lipscomb and am looking forward to hanging out with a couple of our teens there for the week.

* My sister and her friends were in town for Abbey's bachelorette (however in the crap you spell that) party. It was a quick trip down and back.

Well . . . I think that's pretty much what is shaking here. I obviously haven't had much time to get reading done. I was hoping to finish McLaren's Generous Orthodoxy before we left, but I don't think that's going to happen. In my historical theology study I am about to enter into the Middle Ages. Hopefully I can brush up on my Thomas Aquinas - I've been a little lacking there.

All in all, I continue to question how our church in approaching reaching out to postmodern people. What are we doing that will effectively reach unchurched people? I know we're not doing alot.

I had a good conversation with a youth minister friend recently about the success (or lack thereof) of Churches of Christ in central Ohio. When compared to other denominations, Churches of Christ in Columbus are far from making inroads to the local culture. The vineyard church and other nondenominational churches continue to grow like gangbusters, while we sit and mettle over old arguments and problems.

Alum Creek is at least openminded enough to change, to do what it takes - we're just trying to figure out what it takes. I look forward to us becoming more involved in denominational cooperation with those churches in our general geographic location. Much good could come of that. I am tired of the argument, "Maybe God's using us for a specific purpose in doing the good things that we're doing." God is alive with us, but we continue to keep him from doing even more. When that happens . . . all hell . . . well I guess heaven . . . will break loose. Would that that happen!

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