Thursday, September 15, 2005


It's interesting how you can be sitting down reading, watching television, or doing just about anything when all the sudden you are hit smack in the face with an unavoidable feeling of nostalgia. That happened to me this morning. I was finally finishing Dallas Willard's book The Divine Conspiracy (I'll post about that later), when all the sudden I had the most random thought.

When we were kids our family used to go to this amusement park on an island in Lake Erie just across international waters. The name of the park was Boblo Island. For some reason that I have no idea, this just randomly came to mind. I know the park closed a long time ago, but I had this weird sensation to find out what happened to the island and check out a little nostalgic view of things.

With the Internet at my fingers, low and behold, here you go:

No one probably cares much to check this out, but I think that Abbey and some other family members will. It was a cool place, and I wish it was still open so that we could check it out. Oh well, enjoy the link.

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Abbey said...

Wow, that does bring back some good ole memories. I remember going there a few times, some of the pictures are familiar. Hard to believe we used to have so much fun there when you think about how much bigger and built up Cedar Point is now. I think we have some pretty good family pics of the three of us there too. Odd that you just thought of that outta the blue!